Westview Products – Wood-Clad Window Walls and Award-Winning Sunrooms

Westview Products makes custom sunrooms, window walls, monumental skylights, and curtain walls for both residential and commercial clients.  We combine a wood structure with a metal exterior, giving our customers a beautiful product that is virtually maintenance-free.  Our window systems are an energy-efficient way to add natural light to your home or business.

Westview works with architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners. Our objective is to create a beautiful product that perfectly complements each home or business.

For Architects and Designers

Westview Products specializes in the custom design and production of glazed structural systems for residential and commercial applications.  We regularly work with architects and understand that you may have multiple concerns and objectives for your project.  We appreciate the opportunity to see if we can help you.  Our aim is to earn your satisfaction so that we can be a long-term resource for you.  Here are some items that have benefited other architects:

  • We have a 30-year record of standing by our products.
  • Engineering is available for each product.
  • Westview regularly has an independent laboratory test our system for compliance with ASTM wind, water, and structural standards.
  • Our CAD department takes pride in working with architects to achieve every possible design feature.
  • We use sustainable materials.
  • Our products yield excellent U-values, helping you comply with local code requirements.
  • The above two items can assist in achieving LEED objectives.
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For Homeowners

Westview has worked with homeowners for over 30 years.  Our objective has always been to solve a problem by creating a sunroom, window wall or skylight that is both beautiful and durable.

As you can see from our project galleries, our work is custom.  Our focus is on how to adapt our materials and expertise to meet your objectives.  We are happy to work directly with you, or with your architect or contractor.  Please look around our website to get a feel for what we can do.

Many homeowners start with a clear idea of what they want to achieve, and it is relatively simple to proceed from there.  Other projects are not so straight-forward.  Whatever your situation may be, feel free to contact us to see if we can be of assistance.  We have two initial concerns that we try to address as soon as possible:  Can we do what you want? and,  Can we do it within your budget?

We look forward to  seeing what you have in mind.

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