Wilsonville, Oregon – Skylight


This home was especially enjoyed in a Portland Street of Dreams.  A key feature of the design is the 70′ single-plane skylight that brings light into the central hallway running the length of the house.  The wood grill is underneath the skylight and works beautifully with the vertical grids and stonework.   This house plan has been used several times over recent (See More →)

Sisters, Oregon – Skylight


Photos from Unique Angles Photography

This custom skylight allows a flood of natural light into a home in some of Oregon’s snowier country.  Our designs can accommodate any variety of snow and wind conditions.  Flashing and beam sizing are a couple of items that might vary with the climate conditions and local code (See More →)

Newport, Oregon – Skylight


Photography by Unique Angles Photography

A monumental hipped skylight covers a courtyard in a home overlooking this Oregon harbor.  The skylight is open at the eaves, allowing water to drain via the original gutters.  The operable skylights make it easy to vent warm or moist (See More →)