Lafayette, Oregon – Abbey


This abbey is situated in some of western Oregon’s beautiful wine country.  The architect wanted to bring that rural feel into the sanctuary through multiple custom window units culminating in a large window wall feature with sloped glass at the altar.  Overhead, and centered in the room, is a cupola/lantern, and surrounding it are four ridge skylights.  (See More →)

McMinnville, Oregon – Patio Cover


A glazed patio cover achieves the goal of protection from weather while also permitting natural light to penetrate the home.  In this project the beams were painted to complement the house trim and windows.  In most situations where beams are exposed to moist outdoor air, cedar beams are preferable to (See More →)

Gearhart, Oregon – Window Wall


The architect on this seaside home wanted to take full advantage of the site’s view, and that resulted in floor to ceiling glass with a minimum of posts.  The walls extend across the  living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen and entry.  The clad-wood curtain wall enhances the view of the outdoors.  Westview worked closely with (See More →)

Lincoln City, Oregon – Window Wall


Photography by Unique Angles Photography

This project is at a well-known hotel/condominium on the Oregon coast.  The owners had a balcony with a tremendous view, but the wind, rain, and cool temperatures often prevented use of the space.  Westview’s window wall system enclosed the area for year-round enjoyment.  The building code required non-combustible materials as structural components, so (See More →)

Salem, Oregon – Window Wall


Photography by Unique Angles Photography

This home’s original design called for several steel columns in this wall.  Because Westview’s laminated beams are structural, most of the steel was eliminated.  Only the center column has steel, wrapped in our laminated material.  The resulting window wall minimizes obstruction of the view, and the wood beams complement the other (See More →)

Salem, Oregon – Window Wall


Photography by Unique Angles Photograpy

Westview’s laminated columns replaced all the steel that was originally designed into this wall.  The resulting window wall provides a maximum of glass to view the rural scene.  In new construction projects, the beams are installed in coordination with the builder’s framing schedule, and the glass is installed later in the process.  Westview’s (See More →)

Weed, California – Spa

CA, Hip Wetzel, Lake Shasta

This hipped sunroom deals with humidity issues by means of operable skylights and several awning windows.  We generally suggest use of cedar beams in projects where the wood will be exposed to either outside air or moisture from a pool/hot tub or plants.  The exterior pictures show how well the sunroom blends in with the overall (See More →)